How much dry yeast do I need to use?
Viable yeast cells on packing are a minimum of 20 x 109 per gram of dry yeast. In practice 5 kg of dry Safwhisky M-1 replaces 25 kg of compressed yeast cake (at 28% solids).

Is the fermentation profile the same as for compressed yeast?
As long as the viable cell count is the same, the fermentation profile should also be the same.

Can I use part opened sachets?
When a sachet is opened it should be used as soon as possible, certainly within a few days. Keep part sachets closed to prevent contamination & cool to 4 degrees centigrade

Is it a mixed strain culture?
Definitely not. All Fermentis yeast are grown from a single cell clone.

Are the bacteria levels higher or lower than for compressed yeast?
The drying process acts to reduce bacterial contamination as bacteria are less able to withstand the stress of drying

Is this a baker’s yeast strain?
No. All Fermentis yeast are grown from pure cultures of specialist strains.

If the sachet is soft on delivery, can I use it?
No. This indicates that air has entered the sachet. The yeast enzyme systems will be activated and without water present, damage to the cell viability / recovery can occur.

What is the alcohol yield?
Extensive laboratory tests and industrial trials have shown that the yield is identical to traditional compressed yeast of the ‘M’ type. It is approximately 7 -8% ABV.