Industrial Brewing

The industrial brewery market is continually seeking new methods of production with the overall objective of achieving cost savings and improved brewery efficiency. The cost of a poorly performing yeast strain is often significant both in terms of quality of the beers produced and the ease of processing beers. All beer blending operations have the side effect of reducing overall brewery performance.

A consistent yeast supply for brewing is a requirement and the opportunity to replace yeast propagation procedures with a ready to pitch dry yeast is now a viable option as both capital and the running expense of the propagation has to be fully assessed.

Ready to pitch yeast from Fermentis offer significant benefits to the brewery depending on the application. Multiple site operations can achieve consistency by using the same yeast for pitching at all sites without the cost of transport or multiple propagations. Beers brewed infrequently such as beer brewed under licence or new products are often better suited to direct pitching rather than running the propagation plant for yeast that is not required for more than a few brews. Finally, the opportunity to replace the yeast at short notice is valuable to many brewers if accidental contamination of the yeast strain occurs.