What is the shelf life of the yeast?
The shelf life is shown on the sachets individually and is two years from the date of manufacture.

How long will it take to ferment?
Ales should ferment within 2 to 3 days (18C to 24C), lagers will take 5 to 7 days (12C to 14C).

Is the yeast a pure strain?
Yes, all Fermentis yeasts are single strains, pure yeast grown from a single yeast cell in our laboratories.

Can I re-use the yeast?
Due to the risks of infection and the inability to check yeast cell counts of yeast slurries it is not recommended as the risk of failure is increased and outweighs the cost of new yeast.

Will the yeast settle out at the top or bottom of my vessel?
They will settle out to the bottom of the vessel, leaving a thin layer of yeast on the top of the beer.

Do I need to propagate the yeast?
No, there is no requirement to propagate the yeast.

Are these yeast used by breweries?
Yes. All our yeast are used commercially by breweries of all types.

Are the yeasts different to liquid cultures?
No, the yeast are propagated under ideal conditions and then carefully dried to preserve them and to enable easy transportation and use.

How many beer can I brew with one sachet of Fermentis 11.5g dry yeast ?
One sachet of 11.5g is suitable to brew 15 to 22 litres of beer (4 to 6 gallons). For lagers, use two sachets of yeast when brewing at cold temperature (12°C or below)

I am allergic to Gluten, can I use Fermentis dry brewing yeasts to brew a gluten free beer ?
All Fermentis dry brewing yeasts are grown on non grain substrates and as such are certified gluten free.