How much yeast do I need to use?
To achieve consistent pitching counts, use the weights recommended i.e. 50 to 80 g/hl for ale strains and 80 to 120 g/hl for lager strains. For lager strains, pitching temperatures should be 11C at minimum.

Is rehydration necessary?
To achieve maximum viability of the yeast we recommend that the directions are followed, either by re-hydrating in a separate vessel or in the fermenting vessel at elevated temperatures.

Are the yeast pure cultures?
Yes. All Fermentis yeast are single strains, pure yeast grown from a single yeast cell in our laboratories.

Are the strains genetically modified?
No, all are naturally occurring yeast held in our yeast bank.

Can the yeast be re-pitched?
Yes. But as the yeast reverts back to slurry, the pitching quantity needs to be determined by conventional methods. Extra care also needs to be taken with regard to maintaining the microbiological purity of the yeast when recycling.

How many times can it be re-pitched?
A maximum of 2-3 cycles is a guideline, given that both the activity (viability) and microbiological cleanliness of the yeast is verified – this requires laboratory facilities

Does the wort need Oxygenation/ aeration?
As the yeast is grown aerobically, the yeast is less sensitive on first pitch. Aeration is recommended to ensure full mixing of the wort and yeast.

How long does the yeast last in storage?
The sachets are stable for two years from date of manufacture with no significant loss of viability and fermentation activity.

Can I use soft sachets?
No. If the sachet is soft to the touch, the seal has been damaged allowing oxygen to enter the package. As the yeast enzymes will be activated, the glycogen reserves will be depleted causing a loss of viability over time.

Can I use part sachets?
Yes. If the sachet is opened aseptically and stored at low temperature (4C), the effects of oxygen will be minimised. The sachet should, however, be used within 7 days of opening. This practice is not advisable if it cannot be done under sterile conditions.