Technical Sales Forces

We aim at providing our customers with continuous support in their fermentation process.
The result of alcohol fermentation relies directly on the influence of the yeast. The choice of the right strain of yeast in the considered application, how yeast is conditioned before fermentation, the parameters of the fermentation such as wort composition, yeast pitching rate and fermentation temperature are all keys to a successful fermentation and quality final product.

Our salespeople are able to analyze customers’ needs and assist in projects from the selection of the required yeast through to full production. Our salespeople are all qualified in food science or beverages technology and they have become true specialists in fermentation. In their geographical zones of responsibilities they advise customers from all fermentation industries.

But because the requirements for yeast and yeast performance vary from one industry to another – we do not ask the same thing from yeast for whisky or from yeast for fuel ethanol – we have developed specific areas of expertise.  Our Technical management team’s mission is to be at the forefront of technology in the industries we serve, this knowledge is transferred to the sales team thus ensuring the best skills are available to all Fermentis customers world-wide.

Our Technical team & our sales force are thus able to offer on site technical trainings to our customers’ staff, plant audits, process optimization recommendations and technical assistance.