Service to customer

Once advised on a product by our sales force, the customer is put in touch with our sales administration to organize his supplies. Sales administration will process the customer’s order from start to finish, organizing goods dispatch from our warehouse and using the appropriate mode of transport for delivery. This centralized order management system guarantees efficiency.

 The constant research for solutions to address customer issues.

At Fermentis, we listen to our customers and work in direct collaboration with our Quality department to find the right solution for each individual customer.

Order processing and management.

The customer is kept informed of each stage of the order process, from placing the order to the delivery of the goods. Sales administration will suggest the most reliable, efficient and speedy mode of transport, at competitive prices.

Delivery monitoring.

All goods are traced and can therefore be identified at any stage up to delivery.

Provision of export documents.

Some countries have special regulations for exporting goods that require specific documents (certificate of origin, analysis, export, etc.).